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markCurve tools

Spline Curve

spline1 You can add a new control point by clicking the mouse. Between each pair of control points there is a spline curve.
spline2 You can move a control point by dragging it with the mouse.
spline3 A spline curve is fixed on the canvas, when you Right Click (Mac: Command+Click).

Bezier Curve

You can set the start point1 and the end point2 by dragging the mouse. spline1
Then you put two direction points3 and 4 on the canvas. These two points set the tangents at the point1 and 2 respectively. spline2
A bezier curve is drawn and fixed after you put the point4. spline3

markDodge, Burn, Finger and Blur

spline1 Dodge is used to lighten an image and Burn darkens an image. The figure shows the effect of each tools. The top light green line is the original one, the middle line shows the effect of Dodge and the bottom shows the effect of Burn. The effectiveness of these tools can be adjusted by using the opacity slider in the Color Palette.

The finger tool smudges the graphics where it's used. The smudging level can be controled by the opacity slider.B spline1

spline1 Blur lessens the contrast between pixels softening the overall look of the image. The bluring effect can be adjusted by changing the opacity slide in the Color Palette.

markSelecting tools

spline1 Selections are areas of an image you choose to isolate from the rest of the image to make modifications. To construct a selection of multiple selections hold the Shift key down when creating the selections. Holding the Alt key down while creating additional selections causes the new selections to be subtracted from the already created selection. To unselect everything, simply click on the unselected areas or press Ctrl+D.
spline1 To repeat last selection, press Ctrl+F. To make inverse selection, press Ctrl+G.
The selections can be moved by clicking on the area and dragging.

overview tool1 tool2 col layers mask anime tips others

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